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The Vabbi connection

August 13, 2008

After escaping from the Kournan mainland the task has now changed to find and convince the princes of Vabbi that playing with warmarshal Varesh is not the optimal choice.

Considering themselves a bit more refined than the rest, the Vabbian nobles and princes are not the kind of folks one can just strike a conversation with directly; a Cunning Plan is need.

The princes will appear at a certain party in celebration of the goddess Lyssa, so an idea is to crash the party and try to get a chat with the Vabbian top dogs. We manage however to get an invitation to the party at Tihard Orchard, so it is time to jump in.

Tihard Orchard is a mission in the main story line and the first one here that you havce to play solo; no heroes or henchmen (would probably not want to bring Koss anyway, he might have insulted somebody). The mission is quite different from the other missions – you are to convince the princes of the Right Way and for the bonus engage in some of the festivities. This includes getting quite drunk (which was noticeable, as can be seen in the picture below…), show some kids how to dance, do an old battle re-enactment, get a nice gift for one of the princes and win a mime duel.

Defeating the mime was the most difficult part for me. Figuring out the right emotes and do them within the time limit took quite many attempts. Each duel was different, so it was not just about repeating the ones you got correct last time.

Mission accomplished after some time though, although my rhetoric was perhaps not the optimal judging from the outcome. It was a quite nice mission and a bit different.

Ended up in the Kodara Bazaar after the mission, a place where one can buy prestige/elite armor, i.e. better looking armor than the regular armor available. The cost to craft the armor to get a complete set would perhasp end up at 100-150 platinum with the prices I saw on the material necessary, which is many times more than what I currently have, so not quite something for a peasant like me – for the moment.

There are a number of other armor sets also, besides this Vabbian armor, so I might explore a bit more to get one of the other armor sets. Not sure if they will be cheaper though.

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  1. August 14, 2008 at 15:06

    But…oh boy does that armor look GOOD.

    Luckily we had a ton of mats from our previous characters and game time, and money saved up.
    As well, we just broke down EVERYTHING we found, and stacked our storage chests.

    This is the beauty of the game, as now you have a goal. So, while doing quests or missions, you collect the needs, and if you just feel like playing for 30 minutes or so, go grind some mobs for goodies..

    Have fun!

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