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The Vabbi connection

August 13, 2008 1 comment

After escaping from the Kournan mainland the task has now changed to find and convince the princes of Vabbi that playing with warmarshal Varesh is not the optimal choice.

Considering themselves a bit more refined than the rest, the Vabbian nobles and princes are not the kind of folks one can just strike a conversation with directly; a Cunning Plan is need.

The princes will appear at a certain party in celebration of the goddess Lyssa, so an idea is to crash the party and try to get a chat with the Vabbian top dogs. We manage however to get an invitation to the party at Tihard Orchard, so it is time to jump in.

Tihard Orchard is a mission in the main story line and the first one here that you havce to play solo; no heroes or henchmen (would probably not want to bring Koss anyway, he might have insulted somebody). The mission is quite different from the other missions – you are to convince the princes of the Right Way and for the bonus engage in some of the festivities. This includes getting quite drunk (which was noticeable, as can be seen in the picture below…), show some kids how to dance, do an old battle re-enactment, get a nice gift for one of the princes and win a mime duel.

Defeating the mime was the most difficult part for me. Figuring out the right emotes and do them within the time limit took quite many attempts. Each duel was different, so it was not just about repeating the ones you got correct last time.

Mission accomplished after some time though, although my rhetoric was perhaps not the optimal judging from the outcome. It was a quite nice mission and a bit different.

Ended up in the Kodara Bazaar after the mission, a place where one can buy prestige/elite armor, i.e. better looking armor than the regular armor available. The cost to craft the armor to get a complete set would perhasp end up at 100-150 platinum with the prices I saw on the material necessary, which is many times more than what I currently have, so not quite something for a peasant like me – for the moment.

There are a number of other armor sets also, besides this Vabbian armor, so I might explore a bit more to get one of the other armor sets. Not sure if they will be cheaper though.

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Time vs item subscriptions

August 13, 2008 Comments off

NCSoft is in the process of changing their subscription model for Lineage and Lineage II, accoding to some comments on their latest earnings report call for Q2 2008 – this info is probably somewhere else also, but I first heard it on the call.

Instead of just offering a subscription with unlimited time, they will have three different options which you can choose from for that subscription fee:

  • Play with unlimited time, as before
  • Play at most 300 hours per month and get some in-game items
  • Play at most 100 hours per month and get more in-game items

So instead of spending a lot of time grinding for phat loot, one can spend less time in the game and possibly get phat loot anyway.

I do wonder a bit how much time some players spend on that game if the middle option is 300 hours. That is about 70 hours per week, almost twice as much many regular full-time jobs. Even the low option is one that would be more than enough time for me, most of the time.

Would a similar model be beneficial for other item-focused games, like World of Warcraft? Or any older and a bit grindy games, e.g. if items included were xp boosters or something similar?

Good Morning, Kourna!

August 13, 2008 4 comments

I learned a few things recently in Guild Wars which could certainly enforce the feeling of Newbie rank. The heroes one can play in Nightfall campaign do have specific professions. But in the same way as players they can have secondary professions as well. However, I had not figured out how to get a secondary profession for a hero, so I just assumed that some quest will appear at some point that will allow me to pick a secondary for the heroes.

But at point when I looked on the skill and ability view to set up the skill bar for the heroes, I did notice for the first time that the profession indication for the hero actual was a drop down list. And when selecting it all the different secondary profession options did appear! That was simply too simple….

Continuing the exploration of the hero views I also for the first time actually noticed that the inventory view also contained the heroes, not only myself. Switching the views I noticed that I could replace the weapons of my heroes, which up to this point had been of … starter quality. Putting a bit better weapons in there should maybe make them a bit more efficient.

My necromancer has continued the adventuring in Kourna, although the Kournan military seems all to happy to intercept. I did learn that one of my heroes, Koss, was of Kournan origin but had a fallout with his father when he decided to join the Sunspears. Koss isn’t really the sharpest tool in the shed, but he means well. So helping him and his family a bit seemed a good thing to do.

Last Tuesday also meant Tuesday Noob Club activities and this time it was focus on helping each other with missions and quests. With two of us being relatively new, NNs (Noobier Noobs) and IoAs (Ignorant of Acronyms), our current progress set an effective limit on what everyone could team up to do together. So we started off with a bit of Centaur Rescue and Kournan Beat-Them-Up.

AS the evening progressed more people joined and we were too many for a single team, so thus a split was made with us NNs getting back to Kourna with some of the NlNs (No longer Noobs) joining as well.

This resulted in a successful effort to rescue our former Sunspear boss from a Correctional Facility in Kourna, some general butt-kicking of Kournans and a bit of DiC (Demonslaying in Caves).This resulted in arrival in Vabbi-land and some new cultures to embrace.

A quite enjoyable evening and good fun all around, which I hope also was the case for everyone else.

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