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The power of blood

August 9, 2008 5 comments

Last few days has again been mainly a bit of Guild Wars play. My assasin picked his secondary profession (Ritualist) and started to head into the main story, which seems to be plagued with some gory issues, perhaps by a local branch of the Umbrella corporation?

Locals turned bad aside, the Canthian countryside is definitely quite beautiful in the game and certainly a nice touch to the oriental theme. It does make me think of some train rides in Japan and Korea, which also provided stunning views from time to time, in a similar vein.

Most of the exploration has still been in Elona though, where my necromancer has picked up a few more skill points, helped some Sunspear collegues back to Istan and got acquainted with some centaurs, the Veldrunners.

Before running into the four-legged fellows though a number of other quests was picked up though in the areas, one which included receiving a Signet of Capture. While I knew that getting new skills in the game could involve killing certain boss enemies, I had not checked the exact procedure. So this quest was an interesting revelation.

My first steps here was of course just to run out and kill some local boss enemies in the area. But neither of these were necromancers or mesmers (my secondary profession), so the skill list turned up empty. Obviously a bit more planning is needed.

Forward in time again and I am helping releasing the Veldrunner fellows from the Kournans in the Kodonur Crossroads mission. The bonus part of that mission is to take out some cruel taskmasters (bosses) and to my suprise it turned out that one of them (taskmaster Vanahk) was a fellow necro! He was not happy to see a collegue though and the usual beat-them-up procedure ensued. Not bringing the signet of capture presented a dilemma here. But since you can replay missions I completed the mission first, picked up the signet as a skill and then jumped back in and played the mission again.

Second time was much quicker, now knowing where to find things and what to expect. Mr Vanahk was still in a grumpy mode, but after some persuation I could use the signet and this time I got a list with a few skills to pick from!

One of them did stand out a bit and this was apprently an elite skill. Again I had not checked details on elite skills until now, but that should probably be the preference, so I picked that one of course.

So now I got my first elite skill, which is Blood is Power. It gives a short but good boost of energy regeneration to team compadres and taking a fair chunk of my helth in the process. Probably not an everyday use skill, but since energy is a problem sometimes this should come in handy in some situations.

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