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The Kournan connection

August 4, 2008 Comments off

Continuing my adventures in Kourna with the Sunspear Santuary as a base, my necromancer hit level 20 tonight after doing the command post quests. So now the leveling part is done and the game can start 😉

Checking with the /age command it took a bit more than 17 hours to get here, which actually was faster than my first escape from Tortage in Age of Conan, for a newbie experience comparision.

In general I am not too concerned about levels in these games (despite what one might think due to the blog name) and hitting the max this fast was definitely helpful in de-emphasizing any importance, but rather emphasizing my skill and attribute builds more.

I am playing around with my party size and composition also to find some decent compromise here. A number of the regular mobs work fine to deal with, but boss mobs seems a bit troublesome with a too small team to take down due to health recovery. Not sure how useful the illusion henchman is in that regard.

It is quite nice though to have a list of various “I must try that” and “hmm, what if I…” items to play around with in addition to follow the storyline and associated quests. Certainly not a situation I have had at any max level before or to much extent after a number of levels in many MMORPGs. I like it.

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