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From Istan with love

August 3, 2008

My explorations of Elona, Canthia and Tyria have continued; the bulk of the time has been in Istan, the islands outside the mainland that are part of Elona, i.e. Guild Wards Nightfall.

Last Tuesday included a visit to the Tuesday Noob Club and embarking on a journey to the title of survivor, which will be interesting to see how that works out. Of my other characters I did get to level 12 in the best case before dying, but there was never a plan there to capture that title. I think a dedicated effort with a few people playing together makes it both more fun and more plausible – the heroes and henchmen one might pick up are not exactly the sharpest tools in the shed.

Most of the time has been spent with my Dervish and my Necromancer. While I started with the Dervish, the necromancer is starting to become the favourite. Draining health and energy from enemies, putting various hexes on them and on top of that conjuring up minions from dead enemies to fight for you, that does work out quite nicely.

The dervish is also fun though, but pretty much needs to have auto-attack running and when energy is high enough use an appropriate skill. I am in general not a fan of auto-attack in any game and typically not a pure melee fighter, so it remains to be seen how far the dervish will go.

A good thing playing is that there is hardly any “kill ten rats” or “collect ten rat tails” types of quests, the background stories are often a bit better than falling back on such basic quest objectives. But it does have a couple of quest series which sends you repeatedly to the same area after coming back from the previous mission, which can be a bit annoying, at least after the second run.

After participating in some disturbing events in the main story line, my Istanians left the “newbie” area of Istan and have now embarked on adventures on the Elonan mainland, more specifically in Kourna. From the mainly lush vegetation of Istan this part of the land is more dry and rocky. While they have not reached level 20 yet, that is pretty much only one level away.

There has been a lot of new things to learn, which of course is part of the fun. Reaching the level cap soon will be interesting, since up to now gaining levels have helped dealing with enemies in a way. At least in the later part of Istan my level has been part of helping me deal with the enemies, similar to more traditional level-based games. After this the focus should be more on the different skills chosen, which will make it more interesting I think.

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  1. August 4, 2008 at 15:42

    Thanks for the blogroll

    As to the Necro/Dervish debate, my wife is a Necro right now, and she just cannot stop raising “babies” as she calls em. The minions can be totally out of control, yet perfect for the way we try to zerg the mobs.

    I am playing a Dervish alt and it is ok. But, the energy issue crops up too often. But, the run attack skill proves to be fun, so I have to concentrate on keeping an enchantment on myself at all times, and then shop my skills to pick the lowest energy and refresh skills.

    My main is a good ole Elementalist, and you really cannot go wrong with that class. Set them all on fire just never gets old.

    As to entering Nightfall, check out Tipa at Westkarana.com. She also has just entered, and is finding the same thing..

    A really good game.

  2. sente
    August 4, 2008 at 19:33

    In my current dervish build I use Mystic Vigor and Heart of Holy Flame as enhancements, the first one triggered right before the attack and then second when I jump in.
    Then I have a couple of scythe attacks

    Pious Assault
    Chilling Victory
    Twin Moon Sweep
    Eremite’s Attack

    and Whirling Charge for some extra speed from time to time. I do get out of energy a lot, but that is probably because I want to use the attacks explicilty rather than letting autoattack run and wait for energy to build up. It is not a long wait of course, but still…

    Tried some of the Paragon chants, but some of the nice skills seem to be on the Paragon primary attribute, so cannot put points in there.

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