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It is official now – Star Trek Online

July 28, 2008

The countdown is done and the Star Trek Online web site with Cryptic look (i.e. generally same format as for Champions Online) is in place.

A few details are provided:

  • You can/will play as captain of a starship, either from the Federation or Klingon empire. You can customize the ship; recruite and train your own crew.
  • Gameplay should be a mix of exploration and combat – in space, on the ground or on starships.
  • Both for PC and console (did not say XBox 360 explicitly though)
  • Player generated content options (ship customization part, other things?)

They are obviously taking advantage of features they have when developing the tools used for Champions Online – it would be silly not to do that.

Will people only play as captains, or can/will they play as other members of the crew? How much will be NPCs? Will away teams be multiple players, NPCs (henchmen, pets)?

Cryptic seem to be going for the same format to run the web site, which means there will be Q&A sessions, probably some “meet the devs” posts etc. The Champions Online web site has a nice format I think, so this should be good.

There are some screenshots posted on the web site – only environment views, but looks pretty nice. They will show the first gameplay footage at a Star Trek convention in Las Vegas on August 10th – with a webcast for those that are not attending.

It is probably at an early stage, but that they will show something is good news I think.

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