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Harassing the countryside

July 28, 2008

Since I reactivated my interest in Guild Wars my excursions in Rogue Isles and Paragon City have mostly been put oh hold. Instead I have started roaming the countryside in Tyria, Cantha and Elona.

In good old tradition I did create a few alts (5 of them) and spread them out through the starting areas – although with 3 in Elona, one of them will likely be put on hold or re-rolled later. All the old characters were deleted also since I wanted a fresh start, although I did rob them of their valuables first.

It has been quite interesting starting as an old newbie. Found the /age command and with some calculation I concluded that I had more than doubled my total play time in the game in the past 9 days, out of a total of 38 months.

In a way, I get a feeling that the leveling to level 20 is a bit like Tortage in Age of Conan – an introduction to the game, an extended newbie area. Although in Guild Wars it is not isolated from the rest of the world, but a part of it.

The story progress has mainly been with Prophecies and Nightfall; quite enjoable both of them. Most of the quests have been quite doable, but did stumble into some trouble at times, only proving my newbie-ness.

  • Was going to kill some patrols of undead soldiers, which happened to be 3 levels higher than me and my heroes at the time. I was killed many times and severe penalties, until I after a long time notice the indication “4/8” in my party window. Party/team size had increased from 4 to 8 at this time! Grabbing some more support into the team and the quest was cleared easily.
  • Hunting for the duke’s daughter (her ghost in fact) in Charr-infested land caused some trouble – she was surrounded by a few Charr groups with bosses. While a few of them could be eliminated, the bulk was still troublesome to take piece by piece – they all came running and with too many healers fighting was less than a success. Again many deaths – after a long time I noticed that she can spawn on a number of different spots and it just happened to be a bad one in this case. Rezoning sorted that problem and a much easier spot was established.

The bulk of my time so far has been with my dervish, my ranger and my necromancer, all of which I have enjoyed. The easiest has been with the necromancer, but she is going through the same content that my dervish has already been through, so that learning experience is probably part of it.

Leveling seems to be fairly quick, especially in Elona, so I guess it will not be that long before any of the characters reach 20.

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  1. July 29, 2008 at 00:00

    Ah it’s a shame you deleted the old characters; the game keeps track of their creation date and every birthday they receive a new minipet as a gift.

    Yes, the 1-20 content could be analogous to Tortage, especially in the Factions and Nightfall campaigns. The original Prophecies, not so much, since you’re actually playing the main story as you level, though by the time you reach 20 in Prophecies you still probably have 70% or more of the game ahead of you. Factions and Nightfall, you have 90%+ of the game after level 20, since they keep the 1-20 separated on their “noob island” while you play through the campaign’s back-story.

  2. sente
    July 29, 2008 at 16:09

    There were some items in the inventory of two of the old characters which I put in storage before I deleted them; the others had full inventories so nothing could be added there I guess.

    Would not have been enough room for all the old characters and the new ones anyway, I am sure I will try out some more primaries soon 😉

  3. July 29, 2008 at 16:33

    I ended up buying a couple extra character slots, and a friend gave me two more as a gift last holiday.

  4. July 31, 2008 at 14:59

    I also have done the same thing, and returned to a game I have loved…Guild Wars.
    Seems all the MMO’s are just not cutting it when it comes to fun. AoC had me then dropped me like some jaded lover.

    I have been tracking the excitement on my blog. (Maybe give me some blogroll love?)

    Myself and the wife have been geeked playing so far, and we have been in Nightfall until reaching 20, and have been messing in EoTN now (we MUST HAVE the sunglasses), then we plan to return to continue the quests.
    Of course we have not decided what armor to get yet as well, but we have been studying wiki.
    We also have started to add items to our Hall of Monuments! HOORAY.

    It sure has been fun to be back, and glad to be playing again.


  5. August 4, 2008 at 18:49

    I did the same thing with the Ancient Undead — missed the switch to an eight person party. I was about to go back and do some (yech!) grinding when I happened to notice I had four extra slots suddenly 🙂

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