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Guild Wars, perhaps for real this time

July 23, 2008 5 comments

Guild Wars is a game I have had a strange relationship towards. I bought the original game (Prophecies) as well as Factions and Nightfall, but never played any of the campaigns particularly much. The highest level I reached in it was level 7 in Prophecies and even lower in the other two.

And this in a game which many says just has just started when you reach max level 20. The game has a number of qualities that made it interesting to me – the extensive respec options and flexibility¬† in terms of skills and attributes on your character, the quite nice load-on-demand system for updating pieces of the game, nice graphics without causing a major performance degradation, a crafting system that seems simple and viable etc. A number of things that my brain said “nice features” to.

But for some reason I stopped playing after at most a few hours each time I tried it.

That is, until now. Recently I was contemplating uninstalling it from the computer, but decided to try it again before though Nightfall campaign – just in case. And this time it was a bit different. Maybe they have done some changes to the game last time I tried. Whatever it is I got past the point where I usually stopped and I while there were some moments of confusion and what-the-…, I have started to quite enjoy it. And the main story missions also start to get quite interesting.

I have two new characters at the moment, one at level 11 (dervish/paragon) and one at level 7 (elementalist/mesmer) and I am feeling eager to try some other alts also.

Maybe this time Guild Wars will actually stick for a longer time period – time will tell.

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