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The Ghosts of Fort Hades

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I recently started a new stalker in City of Villains and decided to pick up the missions near Fort Hades in Port Oakes when I reached level 10.

When starting out as a fresh villain in City of Villains, the first area of Mercy Island may often be passed rather quickly. The next city area of Port Oakes may sometimes get a bit longer stay from the villains, dealing with a number of new villain groups and vigilantes (like the Legacy Chain).

One area of Port Oakes tends to be a bit overlooked though and unless players have set out to explore the whole area, chances are they never see it. This area is in the north-east and it is the location of Fort Hades. It is an old fort with a bloody history, back from a time whent he pirate Blackbeard slaughtered the French soldiers that were present at the time.

The slaughtered soldiers haunted the fort, making lives unpleasant for most living being who ventured into the fort. The group of ghosts there became known as the Red Hand.

Lately though Arachnos has occupied the facility with the purpose to try to harness the ghosts and their powers for their own purposes.

Given the history of the place, the ghosts are bound to Fort Hades itself. What Arachnos hopes to accomplish is to break that bond and establish a ghost army that can be used anywhere.

While the normal contacts do not give any missions related to Fort Hades, it is possibly to open up for a contact in this area. Thoughout Fort Hades Arachnos has placed a number of “ghost traps”. If one lures a ghost near one of these traps and defeats the ghost there, it will be captured by the trap.

Capture 10 ghosts this way and you will earn the Pirate badge, which also unlocks the contact Veluta Lunata if your character is at least level 10. She is an Arachnos trooper working with ghostly matters in the south-west part of the Fort Hades area. The will provide a number of missions as part of two story arcs, involving various types of ghosts, arachnos and Legacy Chain – one of the arcs also includes two elite boss fights.

It is a nice set of missions and a nice change to the regular missions offered at 10+ in Port Oakes. The Fort Hades area is patrolled by both Red Hand ghosts and their miniosn as well as a number of Arachnos troops. Arachnos has also posted a number of turrets, which will shoot on sight. The levels of the enemies in the area are basically in the 9-15 range, although the majority probably 10-11. This includes minions to bosses for Arachnos and all the way up to an elite boss for the Red Hand ghosts.

If you have not visited the area before I can recommend it if you are bringing up a new villain.

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