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Reasons to do a video blog…

July 14, 2008

…should be to somehow take advantage of the medium and capture things that a blog or podcast cannot. I just had a look at SOEs first video blog at IGN. I see two people sitting in chair mostly looking at each other, not the camera, talking about SOE news. At least Courney SImmons, the SOE PR director, did look towards the camera from time to time.

It is good that SOE tries new things and it is their first video blog, but please do make better use of the medium.

As for the content it has some good things though, they announced they will be showing DC Universe Online. It will be interesting to see their take on superhero genre and how that will compare to City of Heroes/Villains as well as the likely-released-next-year Champions Online.

They also said that they are integrating the Vivox voice technology into their games, EQ2 got it on test server, Star Wars Galaxies will get it soon. But they also said the voice service will be available for everyone, not only those who play SOE games, which was news to me.

The SOE video blog is intended to be a quarterly event, so let us see what they will do next time.

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