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Google enters virtual worlds space

July 9, 2008 1 comment

Yesterday Google annloced Lively, a new service where people can create virtual rooms and avatars and share that with others, i.e. people can visit each others rooms and socialise (chat and emotes).

Curently the set of avatars to choose from are a bit limited and the initial set of clothes and furniture for the rooms as well. However, at least for the furniture and clothing one can add more items from a catalog with a larger number of items. The same goes for rooms, the inital set looked a bit limited, but there were a few more options available in the catalog.

At this stage users cannot create their own items, just use items from the provided catalog. But it is possible to for example show your own pictures etc in picture frames. And since the Lively client runs in a web browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox, only Windows XP/Vista though) it can also be shared with others through links on web pages.

They seem to have some integration with Facebook also, but since I do not use Facebook I cannot comment on that.

I would expect that this is just the beginning though and with Google’s name behind it virtual spaces will become more mainstream.

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