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Another completion ding

July 5, 2008 Comments off

A bit over two months ago I reched one long term goal I had in City of Villains, to get the pets for all dominator control powersets. A few weeks later Issue 12 happened and there was another dominator pet suddenly to pick up. Yesterday I reached my pet goal again, by obtaining the Animated Stone pet from the Earth Control powerset.

A nice little fellow, although a bit eager to run into battle and get himself killed at times.

Another ding happened also, my sonic/dark corruptor got another level. The only thing a bit special here was that I have not leveled this character for a year or so. But thanks to the combat attributes monitoring and the added power details that can be shown since Issue 12 I have a better view of the various abilities and this also changed my gameplay a bit for the better.

I also had a better insight in how I could rearrange my enhancement slots a bit, which in itself makes a nice gameplay element and also later hopefully even better gameplay in combat in general.

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