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The charged earth of Rogue Isles

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Lately I have been spending a fair amount of time with my newest dominator, Eartha G the earth/electricity dominator.

The reason I picked this particular powerset combination was that it were the only ones I had not used yet, but I think they have both turned out pretty nice and works well.

In particular the earth control powerset is a very nice one so far. Fossilize is your basic single target hold power, covering the enemy in a piece of rock. It is quite visual which is good, easy for team members to see that the enemy is held.

Quicksand creates a piece of mud in a targeted area, slowing down the movement of enemies there. It has a fairly short recharge for that sort of power, so it can be applied fairly often. I tend to use this one in combination with other powers, to keep enemies away or in an area.

Stalagmites is also a very nice power, which is an area of effect stun – also quite visual with a few stalagmites appearing out of the ground around each enemy hit by it. If anyone have fought the Circle of Thorns Earth mages you have most likely encountered their stomp, which is Stalagmites.

Earthquake is another power which opens a hole in the ground, causing an earthquake effect and basically knocking down the enemies in the area. It also reduces their defenses and to-hit abilities. This is one I combine with quicksand to keep the enemies in place.

Volcanic Gasses is the area of effect hold power according to the text description and the icon for it, but the detailed description talks about fear and some other effects. I think the detailed info here is probably wrong. Basically here some holes opens up in the ground from which gas purs out. causing enemies to stand and choke, not being able to do anything – looks very much like a hold to me. According to the info the accuracy is 1.00, which is good for an AoE power and from using it seems the enemies can stand choking for quite a while, even without any particular hold enhancements.

The powers I skipped are the immobilise powers (Stone Prison and Stone Cages). I do not find the single target immobilize particularly useful. The area of effect immobilize could possibly be useful in combination with Stalagmites perhaps since it will keep them more in place, but I have not find a major need since they do not walk that far anyway.

Salt Crystals is the area of effect sleep power, which to me is pretty useless, except maybe for soloing at lower levels.

Except for fossilize all of the chosen powers are area of effect powers and most of them do some damage also and will generate aggro.  This means that oen has to be a bit careful in larger teams, because one may affect many enemies at once and unless the other team members can pick up most of that aggro, you have a good chance of getting a few of them annoyed at you. And which these are can be hard to spot in large team fights.

Don’t be shy of running away and maybe get out of line of sight in these cases, you may have a better chance of seeing who is actually pissed off at you and deal with that. Dominators are the most squishy of the villain archetypes, so avoiding being hit at all is a necessity many times.

My earth/electric dominator is currently level 28, so there is one remaining control power to pick up later, the Animate Stone pet at 32. Picking up the pet is an obvious choice and it is going to be fun trying him out.

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