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The Epic ding

June 22, 2008

I now have my 3rd villain that has reached max level in City of Villains and my first epic archetype to reach max level. That is, my Fortunata has now dinged for the last time.

Playing the fortunata has been and still is really fun. It is a quite versatile combination of crowd control, team support and damage dealing options.

Leveling this one has been fast also, a bit over a month calendar time since it was started. I did not check the hours played, but probably less than half of the time use for previous villains. That NCSoft has smoothed out the leveling curve is one contributing factor, but mainly it has been that there has been a larger chunk of the time where I have played in big team. Big teams make a substantial difference when it comes to progression speed through the levels.

Reaching level 50 also got a grand finale, since I reached in the mission where you have to defeat Lord Recluse in the future, right at the moment Lord Recluse was defeated.

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