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Big Brother is watching you

June 19, 2008 Comments off

Normally I just stick to MMOG related posts here, but this time I felt I had to put in a more political entry.

Yesterday evening the Swedish parliament voted for a law that allows the government to monitor and eavesdrop on all information passing Swedish borders – that can be email, web access, chat, phone – everything that passes through cables.

They do not need any suspicion of crime to do this. And given the nature of the internet even traffic with the originator and the destination in Sweden could possibly pass the borders on its way and thus also be picked up.

Despite that the current government consists of generally liberal parties who have claimed to stand up for invidivual rights, privacy and integrity they have still forced through this law and actively worked for that the individual members of parliament to vote according to the party and government view here.

It only required that 4 members of parliament from the ruling parties to vote against it or abstain to stop this law. Only 2 of them did that.

And to add to this it seems that the department that has been set to perform this task (FRA) has already been doing some of this, without legal support for it – until now. That is not encouraging information, if they have bypassed the law or the intention of the law earlier.

The web site for one of the campaigns against the law is here. It is in Swedish, but have a link that generates a translated page through automatic translation. Which means English-speaking people may understand parts of it…

I am disappointed with the politicians I helped to vote to power today.

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