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Nice feature: Bling Gnome

June 15, 2008 Comments off

It seems even though Dungeon Runners do not get much mention in NCSofts earnings report, they are still moving on and apparently a boxed version of the game is going to be introduced. According to a Kotaku article that NCSoft themselves point to, those who buy the boxed version gets a Bling Gnome.

This is a little creature that picks up the gold the enemies in the game drops for you. In addition, it also eats up trash loot and converts that to gold automatically.

FIrst thought was, great and nice feature. Second thought was – isn’t there something wrong with the design in the first place if a Bling Gnome is needed?

Either way; I think it sounds like a great addon for Dungeon Runners and something I would like to have in some other MMORPG titles as well – yes Age of Conan, World of Warcraft etc, I am looking at you.

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