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Exploring the past in Cimerora

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Issue 12 of City of Heroes/Villains introduced a new area called Cimerora. While most of the game (as its name implies) contains of city landscape areas, Cimerora is partially an exception. Not only has Mother Nature a more prominent place here, but it is also located at an entirely different spot in the space-time continuum, far away in the past when Romans roamed the land.

To gain access to this area one has to complete a set of missions for the Midnight Squad, a secret group of individuals which has some involvment with the Destiny of the world. Getting the membership card to the club will allow for some travel back to a time whent he latest toga fashion was the talk at the cocktail parties.

All is not well in Cimerora though and the former ruler Imperious has been kicked from his job by a former aide turned nasty, Romulus. Imperious and his people are interested in aid from the mystical far-away travellers (that is – you – supervillain or superhero) and asks you to help set things straight.

Cimerora is a co-op area, which means that heroes and villains can team up together to fight the nasty part of this Roman enclave.

At first thought one might think that oldfashioned Roman soldiers must be not match for superpowered beings. However, it turns out that the Cimerorans are made of The Right Stuff and a rather tough breed. Even super-powered spandex wearers may find it slightly challenging to confront these boys and girls of old.

While Cimerora is a nice area it becomes quickly obvious that there is not a lot of new content in this area. Besides an introductory sightseeing tour the area contains of some repeatable missions obtained from one of officers in the local army under Imperious, fighting various constellations of the Romulus Bad Boys. Then there is a Task/Strike Force that can be obtained from Imperious himself. And that’s it. I would expect more content to appear in later updates though, but to not except a lot of content to play though at this time.

Imperious’ Task Force is however a quite nice adventure, covering a chapter in the book of Saving The World From Evil. You are not only faced with getting Imperious back on his job, but also to stop some Evil Plots which involves an old villain constellation that has returned before they appeared.

The Task Force is good fun and involves fighting large numbers (100s and 100s) of traitors, evil creatures and evil genius henchmen. I’d definitely recommend doing it.

While one can start the path to become a Midnighter club member as early as level 10, access to Cimerora is not granted until level 35. The Task Force is for levels 35-50 an requires at least 6 team members.

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