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Escape from Tortage

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While I did not have Snake Plissken in mind when I started playing in Age of Conan’s starter area, the word escape did stick with me; the six times I press the escape key when I start the game and the story in Tortage and my characters goal to escape from there and get back to the homeland.

So far I have managed to escape twice. Two characters have saved Tortage from the clutches of Strom and Mithrelle and headed back to their home turf. Two more are still stuck in there, struggling with their Destiny.

I much enjoyed the Destiny quests story in Tortage and thought that some of the other quests in the area had at least some decent writing. But still, getting quests like “kill 50 picts”, “kill 20 scorpions and 20 snakes”, “collect 30 croc skins” etc does not quite appeal to me. Taking out some high priest, bandit leader or a group of thugs (no numbers) is ok, but too much counters running in quests is not.

Getting sent back and forth multiple times between areas also gets annoying as well as the small space of the inventory. The added bags I found was too expensive for me to consider and given the amount of “unused loot” littered around in the areas, I am probably not alone here.

Overall though the experience was enjoyable in Tortage, although I am not certain I can go though that more times in the near future. Both times I managed to complete the destiny quest aprt and get out I felt releaved – finally getting out in the real world of Hyboria!

And yet, when I start exploring and picking up quests which each of the escapees I soon got the feelign that I cannot do this anymore – not more fedex or collect/kill X of whatever for whatever reason. And I stop.

Perhaps it is the change from the nice story in Tortage with mostly solo RPG play to a mostly familiar game mechanics of fantasy MMORPGs. Or that I have no specific interest in playing fantasy in general. Compared to the most recent previous fantasy game I played (LOTRO) I think Age of Conan does for the most part a better job.

But right now the spark is not there and this has probably more to do with the way fantasy MMORPGs are in general rather than Age of Conan specifically. I am not going to reactivate my EQ2 account with the Living Legacy campaing either, nor have I any plans to revisit WoW (almost 2 1/2 years since I left). And I am not playing in any fantasy MMORPG betas.

I just end up jumping into City of Villains/Heroes and have a blast for a bit.

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