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Devoted to the city

June 2, 2008 Comments off

Today I got my Devoted badge, which is part of the 24 month veteran rewards in City of Heroes/Villains. 2 years is quite along time, more than twice as long as I have spent with any other MMORPG.

I am definitely an explorer type, so why does a game that mostly city outdoor zones and a limited amount of building blocks for the instanced zones (leading to very much deja vu feelings) such an attraction?
Probably because the exploration is not one of the most prominent features in the game – when you are done exploring there are other better developed areas that keeps you there.

The easy and smooth aspect of teaming up is an important factor here. There are not many hurdles to overcome to set up a team to have some fun with and works better than in any other MMORPG I have played.
The character building aspect – both in terms of which powers to choose and what costumes to wear. Building various types of superbeings becomes part fo the fun and improving them. But due to the building block aspect and perhaps because there is not much of end-game as such, reaching the max level is a less important goal. While one may feel a sense of completion when a character reaches the max level, it still feels far from being the end of the game or the start of a new game. And building/rebuilding a character does not stop with the max level.

The combat mechnics works well also. It is fast paced and smooth and generally works the way you want/expect it to – few bits and pieces that you may get annoyed with.

And of course that you have friends playing it.

While a single feature may be considered important I also believe that the answr may be in all those pieces working well together to provide an enjoyable experience for the moment for any leisure player.

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