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New and shiny updates

May 22, 2008 2 comments

After being on vacation for about a week not looking at anything game-like and barely touching any computer, I found a couple of new things waiting to be explored:

  • Age of Conan was released (for pre-order at least)
  • Issue 12 for City of Heroes/Villains was released
  • Deployment 8.x for Tabula Rasa was released

Age of Conan was expected of course, but the other 2 I had not expected to happen already. Of these 3 the Tabula Rasa update is probably the least exciting of them. Not that is is a bad one, but in comparision to a whole new game or new epic archetypes, powersets, new and revamped zones and slots galore it cannot quite compete.

I did start to play a bit in Age of Conan, created two characters and played a little bit in Tortage here. Performance-wise the game has worked quite well, but I’ve seen a few graphic glitches and I have had two crashes of the game so far – once while zoning and the other when exiting the game. Apart form that I think the game has worked well though and its been fun. Most of what I have done so far is familar from when I played in the open beta though, so not really at anything that is completely new yet.

Most of the time though has been spent in City of Villains. One epic archetype character (Widow) has been created, which I been playing a fair amount now and I enjoy it very much.
Tatiana Sente
I also created another dominator, so that I again have dominators for all powersets available. The dominator has not received as much play time yet, but the earth control/electricity manipulation combination seems quite nice after the first few levels. There are many small details and improvements in the interfaces and in the game mechanics which makes the gameplay even nicer than before. Good work NCSoft!
Have not had any time yet to explore the new and revamped zones, so there is lots more to try out also.
All in all, plenty of new things to play around with for a while.