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Age of Conan – a question of millions

May 13, 2008 2 comments

Funcom put out an announcement with some numbers on beta and web site interest for Age of Conan – 1 million beta signups and 5 million unique visitors to the web site in 2008.

1 million signups does not mean there were that many in beta, just that 1 million applied for it. And 5 million visitors might not mean 5 million persons, only 5 million unique sources which is a bit different.

Still, the numbers do indicate that they have managed to get a lot of people intersted at some point and that they might have some good pre-order numbers in some regions at least.

I do hope it works out well for Funcom here, for three reasons:

* I do like to see more non-US developers succeed in the Western market, that should be good for diversity.
* While it is Yet Another Fantasy game, it is a different fantasy setting than most of the other MMORPGs in that area – again good for diversity and choice
* It has been fun to play, the little time I had to try it out

Remains to be seen at what state the performance and stability will be at launch and what other challenges may pop up.