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Completing the pet dings

April 30, 2008 3 comments

Today I completed a goal I had set up for my self a long time ago; now all my dominators have obtained their pets. And since I have dominators for all currently available powersets, that means 4 types of pets, plus mind’s mass confusion (which mind dominators get instead of a pet).

The latest addition to the menagerie was the fire imps. Three small critters that jumps around like Rikti monkeys and just beat on everything in their path. That extra damage is a welcome complement to the psi assault powers that my character uses.

After the soon-to-be-released Issue 12 there will be more powersets added, which means that I will play another dominator also if I want to keep the pet collection complete.

But5 for now I will just enjoy my new fire imps 😉

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