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4 years of spandex, player created deeds of Destinty

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City of Heroes is turning 4 years old and lead designer Matt “Positron” Miller provides some comments on the state of the game. One intersting item he mentions is an upcoming feature; player created missions!

It seems that they will in some way expose the current toolset to create missions for the game; I assume it is about instanced missions. Most of the game is instanced anyway. Providing the ability to create missions for the player should probably fit better in City of Heroes/Villains than many other games. It will be intersting to see how much of the current mission mechanics will be made available.

E.g. can any villain/hero group be used, can players create their own named villains/heroes? Add pets and helpers, spawn patrols and ambushes? Change costumes/disguises, add temporary powers?

This sounds quite exciting and will be really interesting to see it in practice!

Positrons article also mentioned some statistics of the game; one was that 32 million characters had been created in the game! I think the current number of active players is around 150K. Even if the total number of players that have played the game at any given time is a lot more that is a staggering amount of characters. Even if the total number of players were 10 times as much, that would still be 24 characters on average… Clearly City of Heroes/Villains has been a good place for harboring altoholics like myself, or quite a lot of people have played the game at some point.

Happy Anniversary, City of Heroes!

(Soon at 2 years in the game myself)

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