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Villain Epic archetypes – teaser video

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NCSoft has released a teaser video showing some information about the villain epic archetypes scheduled for the soon-to-be-released Issue 12.

There are two different archetypes, Spiders and Widows. Those who choose the spider path start as Wolf Spiders. Skills and powers are of type machine guns, grenades and melee skills. At level 24 a career choice can be made to select between either Bane Spiders or Crab Spiders, adding different types of weaponry and skills for each type, including calling in tarantula reinforcements.

The widow archetype starts with Blood Widows, which are mainly martial arts specialists. At level 24 a career choice can be made between Night Widows or Fortunatas. Night Widows get psychic assult powers added to the martial arts skills, while Fortunatas weakens in martial arts, but on the other hand gets a wider array of psychic abilities than the widows.

While Spiders have been male and Widows have been female among NPCs so far it seems that both sexes will be available in each case.

Personally I am a bit more interested in the 2 Widow paths, although I will most certainly try out the Spiders as well.

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