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NCSoft Europe podcast #2

April 16, 2008

NCSoft Europe has released their second podcast, talking about the player event at Omega Sector in Birmingham (“The Ultimate Heroic Weekend”), an interview with City of Heroes/Villains designer Melissa War Witch” Bianco and, as well as some talk about the Lineage 2 collector’s edition.

I really liked the interview with Melissa, who is a quite infectuously enthusiastic person. They talk about the player event @ Omega Sector, Issue 12 and the transition from Cryptic to NCSoft. Rockjaw, who is the podcaster is doing a pretty good job, although I think it goes a bit fast a times. A nice touch is that there is a transcript of the podcast available also.

It seems to me that NCSoft Europe has stepped up their activities a bit, which is a good thing.
It was a bit over a month since they released the first podcast, so I guess the next one will be some time in mid to late May if the trend continues. (As much of a trend you can have with 2 podcasts…)

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