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Altoholics rejoice! More character slots!

April 15, 2008 Comments off

Recently NCSoft hinted that they would provide an option for added character slots in City of Heroes/Villains. More than any other MMORPG to date, this is a game that encourage the creation of many different characters, in particular due to its excellent character creator.

Now the details around the added character slots have been revealed. They are doing three different things in this area:

  • Giving two extra character slots to all players
  • Providing extra character slots as veteran rewards, one per year
  • Selling extra character slots for a one time fee

The maximum limit of character slots will be set to 36 per server, which is 3 times as much as the current 12 for those that have both Hero and Villain games.

As a no-cure-whatsoever altoholic, this is great news. Even for me I think 36 slots will be more than enough on one server. And the cost of buying a few extra slots is no big deal either.

Now it remains to see if any other MMORPGs will provide similar options at a reasonable cost.

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