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Chronicles of Spellborn changed release to autumn 2008

April 11, 2008

It seems that the Spellborn people have found a potential publisher for the North American market, who wants to get some lead time for the project – 6 months.
So it seems they have decided to move the release date to accomodate this. So at the earliest the game will be released some time in October. In the meantime, the intend to use the P-word (not the people, the other one) and then do a concurrent release for both Europe and North America.

Perhaps that is better use of resources to coordinate marketing and release efforts. Or perhaps they think it may hurt American sales in case the game does not do too well in Europe and it would be less risky to do it all at the same time. Or they need more time and this is just another way to get a reason for it.

I cannot help but to think what the European (and Asian also) publisher Frogster thinks of the whole matter. Are they just happy going along with the changes? They have been signed up for quite a while now and it adds another delay to their schedule possibly.

And who is the publisher? SOE? EA is probably focusing on Warhammer Online which likely is released around the same time. Blizzard only do their own thing. NCSoft seems to focus more on internal projects and this might also potentially collide with Aion efforts.

I guess it is not any of the publishers of the various Korean-style F2P MMORPGs at least.

And perhaps not going head to head with Funcom and Age of Conan befoe summer is a good thing for them on European side. Only time will tell.

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