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World of Baywatch Online soon to enter open beta

April 1, 2008

Today it was announced that the highly anticipated game World of Baywatch Online will soon enter open beta and the NDA will be lifted. The game features a revolutionary character creation system, allowing players to not only to create their own bathing suits, but also customize every aspect of the body for the ultimate life guard experience. And if the initial creation is not completly satisfactory after some play time, an in-game plastic surgeon will be available for a fee.

The game developers also promises a rich and deep story line with 1000s of missions available right from release. With the incredibly rich lore and the previously untapped beach genre the company is confident that they have a winner here.

“Making a beach MMORPG is an incredibly challenging task”, says the company president. “Not only does it have to work in a beach setting, but also above and even under water. No one has dared to take this on before, but we are confident we can take this to the next level”. The company uses the DreamBabe 2 engine as a base for the game development, citing that the toolset provided is the only one in the market that could manage their high requirements.

The developers also promise that players will be able to both meet, interact and co-operate with their heroes and heroines from the original series. The NPC interaction system is promised to be one of the most innovative elements seen in an MMORPG.

Personally I am not entirely convinced that WOBO will be a big success. It may have many attractive elements in it and beaches have a wide potential market appeal. But the business model is unclear and will another subscription-based game work? Will there be a strong beach community to keep the waters safe? Only time will tell.
The game is scheduled to be release on Mac, Wii and PC.

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  1. DaveH
    April 1, 2008 at 06:32

    Good catch, I had not followed this game at all. Will definitely try this out, now that WAR has been delayed. Registered on their site for the beta, so it should hopefully be available anytime soon.

  2. CJ
    April 1, 2008 at 06:49

    This game is sooo going to fail. They are entering open beta soon and have not said a single word about the endgame yet! And the PvP seems to be a joke from what I have read.

    If they are going to get any people from WoW they need to work on a proper endgame. It is also too close to the Warhammer release and all the PvPers will flock there as soon as it is released.

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