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Issue 12 sneak peek

March 14, 2008

NCSoft has published some info about the coming update for City of Heroes/Villains – Issue 12 Midnight Hour. This was a quite promising read and I am really looking forward to this update.

Finally they will be introducing the villain epic archetypes, i.e. archetypes that are unlocked once you get a villain to max level (50). This is something I have been waiting to see for a good amount of time, since more than 90% of my time in the game is spent on villain side.

Powersets will be adapted and added to existing hero and villain archtypes. No entirely new powersets, but more choice within each archetype. This is quite good I think, making the different types of powersets more uniformly available to the different archetypes on both sides.

There is a story line and new zone also, which it set in ancient Rome it seems. I am interested in seeing how that plot will work out. This also introduces new costume sets with Roman theme. We will probably see some Maximus, Spartacus and similary named characters then…

There is also a revamp of the Hollows zone and various bits and pieces improving the user interface and interaction.

All in all it sounds like a quite promising update. Given the timelines for previous annoucements and when the updates go live, my guess is that we will see this update in late April or May timeframe.

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