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The fighting experience

March 7, 2008

Tabula Rasa’s Feedback Friday notes for Match 7th brought some changes that will be included in the next update, probably. They encourage people to comment on the changes that are planned.

First is a modification of the experience multiplier. Currently it is possible to get up to 250% of the base experience when fighting enemies, i.e. if the base experience for killing Mr T Hrax is 1000, then one can get up to 2500 for a corresponding kill given the right circumstances. At an earlier point in the beta phase of the game, this multiplier was higher and it was possible to get up to 600% worth of experience.

Now this is reintroduced, but the modifier is different depending on the level of the character – higher modifier at higher levels. Essentially the leveling curve is somewhat flattened.

Added to this is also an ability to “buy” extra experience bonus, add 50% bonus on top of whatever bonus is in place already for 30 minutes. This can be bought with the new control point tokens, which I guess are the same tokens that earlier was discussed to be used for buying respec of attributes or skill/ability points.

This points to incentives for people to engage more in control point battles, which I think is a good thing. This may also indicate that mission-based content have gaps in the current progression.

While I really like to follow the storylines of missions, I still think this is a good thing. More missions would be nice also, but only if there has actually been some effort into making them interesting. If missions end up being just more generic “kill 10 Thrax” type of missions I can very well do without them.

The experience bonus which is received when fighting in a team/squad will now also be more visible. This feels mainly like a psychological change – with the teaming bonues being more visible it gives the player more positive feedback on their progress, making them feel more good about teaming up and thus also encourage teaming a bit more.

For other bits that will be included in the new update we have audio cues that are added for a number of activities. I cannot say I thought that was necessary, but maybe it will help some people. Just as long as it does not get too much to the point of becoming annoying I am fine with it.

A much more welcome change for me is the ability to interrupt reloading of weapons! While I for the most part really like the combat mechanics in the game, one thing that has annoyed me a bit is that weapon/tool switching is not possible while an animation related a used weapon/tools is playing. In particular the reloading of weapons/tools exhibit this somewhat irritating behaviour. There has been countless times where I have been trying to switch to a better suited weapon only to fail doing that because some animation (often a reload) of the current weapon is playing. This should definitely help some with those issues.

Overall, these future changes looks pretty good I think.

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