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Tabula Rasa respec

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Today I had a peek at the news from the Tabula Rasa official site and noticed this entry about respecs. This is an absolutely brilliant change. They fix two problems at once; first the lackluster rewards for the control point fights and second the respec issues.

Control point rewards have been less than satisfying given the current state of the enhancement and crafing game mechanics and certainly not a motivator in itself to fight at the control points. I do it because it is fun anyway, but there are of course a number of people who needs a carrott as well. Given that many control points seems to be more or less permanent in the hands of the Bane I think there is a fair amount of players who likes to chew on carrotts.

Introducin real respec:s is also a welcome addition. The original idea that the cloning functionality should work as a respec also has a few shortcomings:

  • Friend lists and clan membership is tied to a character. If you clone you create a new character, so if that cloning was to respec, one will have to get people to update friend lists, get reinvited to a clan etc. That can be a hassle.
  • New first name. The name can be important and one can feel attached to that. Being forced to change the name through cloning is not an attractive option
  • Clone credits are not transferable. If you create a clone that one will start from zero when it comes to clone credits, which has to be earned again if the prospect of changing through cloning should come up again. Or use clone credits from the original character, which may mean that a number of levels would have to be replayed, depending on how long one have played. Having lots of clone credits on a character is not particularly useful from a respec perspective, unless some wild experimentation is taking place during a short period.

This is an example of what I think is a very promising aspect of Tabula Rasa; the developers do not seem too scared to kill their darlings if it turns out it does not work out as well as it was originally envisioned.

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