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Eyes of Staal

February 24, 2008

In the past week I brought my engineer to Ligo Crucible, the first area to visit on the Ligo continent on Arieki.

Arriving at the location of the remaining forces from the Bane attack on Fort Intrepid, one quickly realizes that the war has not gone that well for the AFS side here. Morale is low in parts of the remaining forces and a number of people have deserted also.

The central location of the area is the former Staal detention center, where the Brann kept some of the less upstanding citizens.
View of Staal detention center

Nowadays it is the center of operations for some of the local crime lords. Each group occupy their area of the complex, which has a decent size. The center area also have various merchant running their trade.


While these groups are not entirely getting along, they are an important potential ally for the AFS and so some officer came up with the idea that my engineer, who is so skillfull, should smoothen the relationship with these Brann (I am sure he says that to everybody). While these groups have their differences, they all listen to and respect the Kappa Grupa (boss of all bosses), so I’d have to pay him a visit.

The Kappa Grupa’s place - nice view

Talking to the Kappa Grupa, he (surprise, surprise) wanted me to so some missions in order to get on good terms with all the crime lords and by that also with him. It took some work, but finally I got Lohen (the Kappa Grupa) to more friendly terms after sucking up a bit.

Glory to the Kappa Grupa!

While a significant portion of missions were related to the Brann mobsters, there was also some dealings with deserters and genome business, in order to enable the Thrax/human hybrids. And some regular AFS war support. For some reason, pretty most of them involved some killing of Bane soldiers and officers.

Moving around in the Crucible area can be pretty hazardous. There are Bane patrols in most places and not that far between the different patrols. In the areas where no Bane are seen, the surroundings are dominated by robots or the local fauna. The latter consist basically of flaregashers (fire-spewing wolfs) and lashers (hoovering octopus-like critters) and the odd magmonix. The gashers and lashers often appear in large enough groups that moving around in the territory can be challenging – I like it:)

Some areas are not easy to reach due to the rocky landscape; for example I had some trouble getting to the Prometheus Outpost. The long obvious route on the map required passing through a lot of the Bane and fauna-infested areas, which was not always met with success. I did find some shortcuts after a while, which made the travel significantly simpler, but not trivial.

Nearby the Prometeus Outpost is the Bane encampment Khulago Base, which is of course crawling with Bane troopers and also a bunch of Juggernauts. A couple of missions originating from Prometheus dealt with Khulago base, so a fair amount of travel back and forth was done and lots of fighting, including the Juggernauts.

Khulago Base visit

Hello to you too, naughty Jugger

With Prometheus being a control point, a fair amount of time was also spent on either defending or attacking the control point. The mission givers taking part in the defense of the outpost and running around, order needed to be restored to be able to talk to them. And of course the control point needed to be in AFS control to be able to access them at all. I enjoy fighting at the control points just for the fun of it. But also fighting for access to the mission NPCs gives another boost to the motivation 😉

The instances in the area is still on the to-do list, this will probably be when a few of the clan members can go together. Overall the zone has been a good fun place and the music scores have been a great addition also, quite good. Most zones have had quite good music scores and the various sound effects and voices have certainly also helped to set the mood properly.

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