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Engineers are from Marshes, Bane from Venus

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Today I took my engineer for another spin in Valverde Marshes. Most missions are done, except for some to the Bane Supply Depot and the Logos research facility.

There is one mission from the Retread City to the Supply Depot area that gives you a sizeable squad of NPCs to help you out (about 8-12 I think). Unfotunately the last time I picked that up most of the squad was annihilated before even reaching the Supply Depot area – they attack pretty much everything that moves. If the outpost you are moving from are under attack, it is a bit difficult to keep them all.

So today I skipped that one and went to vist the Logos Research Facility. This is a place which is a bit difficult to get to. Either you go from the Supply Depot or one of the Control Points through a teleporter. I did also try for a long time to try to climb up to the area from the Stalker Woods/Retread City area, but was not able to get all the way up.

Started to attack the control point which had been under Bane control for a while and some other people also joined in. After some minutes of intense fighint we could take the CP back and I was able to get up to the Logos Research Facility. After running in and trying to be a bit “smart” by killing the first few enemies before taking the mission inside, I then realized my mistake. Part of the mission is to take control of the first room, but since I had already done that part before picking up the mission, there was no update…

This is not the first time it has happened when trying to be “smart”, I should have learned by now… Or the mission creators could have different success criteria that is more flexible.

So out from the Research Facility waiting for the instance to reset. A clan friend (also engineer) asked if I wanted to help out with taking down Daddy Longlegs (Strider boss). This felt more exicting to do at the moment, so I joined up and we slaughtered a good number of Thrax before getting to Big Daddy himself. Striders are typically ok to deal with for an engineer if they are solo or perhaps with very few around them. But make it a boss and a good number of other Bane around it becomes more difficult.

Engineers can bring in some quite powerful firepower with their turrets and we both had turrets up to pump 5 and could thus deploy 5 of them. This can rip apart good chunks of enemies. Kicking in the signature ability (Base Wave) to improve damage resistance and armor regeneration also provides good protection even from Strider firepower and soon enough Daddy dropped down.

There was not really any specific plan after this, but we just moved on fighting the Bane and ended up fighting a lot of them in front of the Supply Depot. A few deaths, but quite intense and good fun. The nearby control point was in Bane control and had been for pretty much all of the evening when I was logged in, so we decided to take it back.

After some itense fighting and other players also joining in, the outpost was back in AFS control! Looking at the map, the other control point was now back in Bane control. An engineers got to do what an engineers got to do… So we headed tp that CP and fought to take that back as well. Some deaths and lots of intense fighting, but after a while this base was also in AFS control.

And so we continued for a few times back and forth, fighting and taking back the control points, or fighting off the attacks on them. Intense fights and great fun, which I think is one of the really good points of this game. No chasing XP (although we probably gained some) or running missions back and forth, just some fighting in teams and a good and fun evening session in the game!

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