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The hunter’s hunter

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Lately I have spent a fair amount of game time with my engineer, fighting the Bane in Valverde Plateau and Pools. Today he obtained the title of Hunter’s Hunter, which is received when 10 specific bosses in Valverde Pools have been killed.

It is the third time I do missions in the Pools area, but the first time I actually completed this task, killing the 10 bosses. The mission itself does not give any clues to who these bosses are and where they are, so it is something to figure out while exploring the area and doing missions there. Assuming they have not recently been killed by another player, you are bound to see or run into all of them while doing missions.

This time around the control points in Valverde Pools were pretty much constantly occupied by the Bane troops during the times I played, so I was a bit concerned if I would be able to get the waypoints and the logos that were there for the Targets of Opportunity mission. But it seemed that these were actually not necessary for the ToO. Both the waypoint and logos tasks completed even through I never was inside any of these control points.

With these tasks completable, I was also able to complete the whole ToO for Pools and get the Pools Master title. I will still need to go back later to pick up the remaining logos (Lightness), but that will be at another time, when an attack towards the control point can be arranged.

While I did write down some notes for the bosses in Pools, I do not really like walkthroughs and I am not writing the details down here where to find them. But if you continue read below the picure of my engineer here, there is some name-dropping which may be convenient to mark them off when they are encountered. If you do not want to see the names, do not read any further.

Wolf Sente, Engineer

Oakril, Cainynix , Grumble and Goriam runs in the nude, they do not care for armor. But Iceram, Cavalon and Krammitron really do like armor and steely looks. Like my engineer, Lililax likes a blue uniform. Orax and Irix do not like people who make jokes about their uniforms though and are happy too shoot anyone making a comment on them.

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