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The solo team player

February 3, 2008

A solo team player is someone who likes to team and play as part of a team, but often play through the same content solo. And that’s me. Good team play is certainly better than playing solo, but I still prefer to play through certain team oriented content solo, if possible. That is because of the team set-up.

It is not because of players that cannot function well in a team, it is about what is important playing through some particular content. If I play through an instanced area, defeating some boss enemy at the end to get some reward is not particularly interesting to me. Getting to the end and the pot of gold is not important; figuring out a path to the end and following it is what is important.

The important parts to me is to follow the story line (if there is one) and solving the challenges and puzzles on the way. Too often that is not possible in a team; people may have gone through the content before and may try to get to the end fast, because that is was important to them. Or they have a walk through which they report from. Or they perhaps rush through anyway because it is possible. I rather take a few wipes and take some time if that means we figure out a way to draw the path than have the map at start and just follow to survive.

These team sessions can still be fun though, in particular with some friends. In those cases it is more about playing together rather than the content. But if this was my first time in an instance I may try to get back later to do it solo, in particular if some parts of it was fuzzy or rushed through.

The best times are though when everyone in the team is at the same stage – first visit and everyone wants to solve the challenge together. If there is anyone who knows more, they are holding it back for the benefit of the rest of the team. That is really good times!

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  1. February 6, 2008 at 02:17

    Wow…thought it was just me! Couldn’t agree more with the whole ‘Why do I solo in online games’ thing.

    Incidentally, I’m vacation in Tabula Rasa currently, so do get in touch if you’d like to swap character names!

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