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Logos Research again

February 3, 2008

Last time I played my exobiologist I had a complete failure in getting anywhere in the Logos Research Facility. SO I decided to have another go at it, but a slight change in weaponry and skills. At the first attempt I did not have much that were good on Forean Machina; they are immune to fire and ice and my virulent injector gun was too slow without the armor removed. So I packed some  sonic weapons and also pumped in a bit more into Lightning, which I had not really touched during the latest respec.

This time it worked substantially better and with the sonic weapons I could deal with Forean machina better and also get a bit of knockback. Using Lightning a bit was bit of icong on the cake.  There are a couple of bosses in this instance, each of a different type and presenting a different challenge and all of them with a posse of a few Thrax and Machina (mostly Forean).

I am not going to go into specifics since I do not want to spoil the experience. But Reanimate became useful in more than one way for me here and made it more manageable. Reconstruction 2 (heal + spirit buff and debuff) was still useful even though it was less noticeable.

It took a while and I had a few deaths, but eventually I completed the instance – except for one mission. In the middle of my run of the instance I got disconnected and thus when I logged back in, I had mission failures even though I were still in the instance. One of the mission requires you to destroy certain items and that one reset the counter for the items when Iretook the mission, but some of the items were still destroyed, so…

On previous occasions I have reset the instance and started over again, but nowadays I am at the point that I cannot really be bothered unless it would have been the main mission. So I just skipped it – the rewards were not useful for my exo anyway.

Overall I liked the instance, although probably would not be at the top of my list.

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