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The solo team player

February 3, 2008 1 comment

A solo team player is someone who likes to team and play as part of a team, but often play through the same content solo. And that’s me. Good team play is certainly better than playing solo, but I still prefer to play through certain team oriented content solo, if possible. That is because of the team set-up.

It is not because of players that cannot function well in a team, it is about what is important playing through some particular content. If I play through an instanced area, defeating some boss enemy at the end to get some reward is not particularly interesting to me. Getting to the end and the pot of gold is not important; figuring out a path to the end and following it is what is important.

The important parts to me is to follow the story line (if there is one) and solving the challenges and puzzles on the way. Too often that is not possible in a team; people may have gone through the content before and may try to get to the end fast, because that is was important to them. Or they have a walk through which they report from. Or they perhaps rush through anyway because it is possible. I rather take a few wipes and take some time if that means we figure out a way to draw the path than have the map at start and just follow to survive.

These team sessions can still be fun though, in particular with some friends. In those cases it is more about playing together rather than the content. But if this was my first time in an instance I may try to get back later to do it solo, in particular if some parts of it was fuzzy or rushed through.

The best times are though when everyone in the team is at the same stage – first visit and everyone wants to solve the challenge together. If there is anyone who knows more, they are holding it back for the benefit of the rest of the team. That is really good times!

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Brann new FedEx

February 3, 2008 1 comment

Warning: Skip this if you do not want to know anything about the mission arc to get the Brann hybrids.

Having completed the mission arc to get access to Forean hybrid characters I decided it was time to take on the next DNA cocktail, the Brann Hybrids. Picking another character to get a clone credit than my exobiologist, my engineer got the honour.

The mission arc starts near the waypoint in the Old Brann Landing Zone in Torden Mires and takes you to a number of different locations in Mires, pretty much a FedEx type of mission arc. At a point later it switches to kill mode where a couple of caretakers need to be killed.

Before the 1.4 update, this task would have been a non-issue. Finding caretakers would have been easy and they would spawn fast. After 1.4, the Mires zone has significantly fewer mobs around, including caretakers. Finding a couple of them to kill is not as easy as it used to be. There are also other missions in the zone which requires you to kill caretakers, so there is a good chance a number of people are out hunting for them.

After a while I got the required number it was not too bad still. Then comes there real kicker task – you have to get killed by a caretaker! (it all makes sense if you follow the storyline). This came as no surprise since I had ssen this mentioned a number of time in chat channels and people having trouble to actually get killed by a caretaker since they were too high level. There was some response to this that it did not have to be a caretaker in Mires.

When it was time for me to do this part I first stripped off my armor, this would make it easier for these field medics to do their dirty work. My first thought was maybe to visit the caretaker boss (Vir-something) that guards the entrance to the Tahrendra base instance. Off to Tahrendra and fighting off some guards nearby, only to find that there was no caretaker boss there. No corpse either and no players around. During my attempts with this mission I visited this location multiple times, I never saw the boss at any time. Has he been moved after this update? Time for plan B.

Wolf Sente, ready to get killed!

Plan B was to visit Valverde Plateau. Since my engineer was at 30, Mires and Plateau were the most suitable zones to visit. I remembered from previous visits that there is a Caretaker boss outside the prison area at Desolation Quarry (Rag-someting). So off to Desolation Quarry, kill some nearby Thrax and mind-controlled soldiers and there he was in all his glory, my saviour/killer. Stripped off armor and jumped down in front of him and gave him a punch to make sure he gave me his attention. He sure did and it did not take too many seconds to get killed. But…no mission update…

While I knew the result, I still went back and tried another time. Still no update. Sigh, time for plan C. I could not think of any good other good spawns in Plateau were I likely woulf find a caretaker and survive to kill off the rest of the group (i.e. CPs were ruled out…). Valverde Pools would have it, but would take some time and work to get there since I did not have any waypoints in Plateau yet. So plan C became back to basics and caretakers in Mires.

Note my previous mention of other missions where you have to kill caretakers and the more limited number of spawns in the zone nowadays? While hunting for killer caretakers I got into a few situations:

  1. Killing the caretaker’s comrades, only to have the caretaker killed by another player
  2. Killing the caretaker’s comrade, only to have the caretaker killed by nearby NPCs which took most aggro
  3. Killing the caretaker’s comrade and keep killing him when he was revived, only to get new spawns on top of us and then getting killed by the caretaker’s comrades

Finally I got to the point where I actually managed to get killed and also got the mission update! So finally back to the mission giver and got the reward and cloen credit. So now I can create Brann hybrids also. I have not made a clone yet though, there are only 3 different faces for each sex and they are all a bit ugly. I think I will wait with that decision until I played around a bit more with the different professions and the attributes on those.

The caretaker parts of the mission arc were a bit frustrating. I was ok with the story part, although I was not so keen on the Fedex-type structure and the last part. I liked the Forean one better. So it remains to be seen what the Thrax one will be like, which may be a while. Only one character is high enough to tackle it and she already has plenty of clone credits, so it will be another one – at some point later.

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Logos Research again

February 3, 2008 Comments off

Last time I played my exobiologist I had a complete failure in getting anywhere in the Logos Research Facility. SO I decided to have another go at it, but a slight change in weaponry and skills. At the first attempt I did not have much that were good on Forean Machina; they are immune to fire and ice and my virulent injector gun was too slow without the armor removed. So I packed some  sonic weapons and also pumped in a bit more into Lightning, which I had not really touched during the latest respec.

This time it worked substantially better and with the sonic weapons I could deal with Forean machina better and also get a bit of knockback. Using Lightning a bit was bit of icong on the cake.  There are a couple of bosses in this instance, each of a different type and presenting a different challenge and all of them with a posse of a few Thrax and Machina (mostly Forean).

I am not going to go into specifics since I do not want to spoil the experience. But Reanimate became useful in more than one way for me here and made it more manageable. Reconstruction 2 (heal + spirit buff and debuff) was still useful even though it was less noticeable.

It took a while and I had a few deaths, but eventually I completed the instance – except for one mission. In the middle of my run of the instance I got disconnected and thus when I logged back in, I had mission failures even though I were still in the instance. One of the mission requires you to destroy certain items and that one reset the counter for the items when Iretook the mission, but some of the items were still destroyed, so…

On previous occasions I have reset the instance and started over again, but nowadays I am at the point that I cannot really be bothered unless it would have been the main mission. So I just skipped it – the rewards were not useful for my exo anyway.

Overall I liked the instance, although probably would not be at the top of my list.

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