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I miss the old Mires

February 1, 2008

This is something I did not think I would say, but in a way I miss the old Torden Mires zone in Tabula Rasa.

I do not miss the lag which sometimes made the zone difficult or impossible to play with some characters. But I do miss the intensity and large amount of fighting going on in the zone, where just getting around could sometimes evolve into intense fights most of the way. When doing missions to kill or collect certain items from Bane mobs it seldom was a problem to find mobs.

After playing a bit in Mires with my sniper the zone feels quite empty in comparision to before the update. There are also more players to be seen, which causes a bit of trouble for some kill/collect missions due to competition for spawns.

I hope that it is that they just removed a bit too much and at some point will reintroduce more mobs into the zone again, while still keeping the lag at bay.

After playing a bit more today I must say that I agree with those that say that fights take longer than before – definitely more shots than before to take down mobs and so fights go on for longer time. Still fast-paced compared to other MMOGs, but if you have been used to the pace before the update it is noticeable.

I tried to go to the Logos research facility in Valverde Marshes with my exobiologist (38), but gave up pretty much at the start – I could not get past the first room. After many fights and deaths I gave up. This instance was new to me, so I do not know if this was the same before the update or if they have increased the difficulty. Something to get a team for later either way.

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  1. Raskolnikov
    February 20, 2008 at 22:53

    No, the first room in Logos Research Facility has always been that tough. My first run through with my 39 Exobio was with a 42 Spy who grouped up because he couldn’t solo past the first room. That was two months ago. But I like it that way. I just re-did Palisades and Plains with a new Commando these last couple weeks after the 1.4 patch and except for Treeback Camp, they’ve really ‘dumbed down’ the instances. Raging Patriarch went from a renowned, frustrating temple of doom to an embarassingly simple and trite walk-in-the-park. It was impassible for groups of less than 4 without at least 2 tanks. I hope the later instances stay tough and untouched for the most part. The should all still scale well for soloing but having the Bane hand your ass to you every now-and-again keeps you humble. πŸ˜€ And if you think LRF was rough, wait til Crucible! Incurables Ward, Staal Junkyard, and the Robot Factory will have you pulling your hair out! Take your time and grind up some level padding!

  2. sente
    February 21, 2008 at 01:12

    Raging Patriarch was simplified in 1.3 already and also the Warnet Cavern, when the new missions in Palisades were added.

    I agree, the instances should be tough in particular when soloing. The instances in Valverde Pools in particular could use some toughening up.

  3. Raskolnikov
    February 22, 2008 at 00:29

    Ah, until a few weeks ago I hadn’t been in Palisades since early November. The Pools instances are definitely fairly cake, as were Maligo and Ustor in Plateau, but I always stay a couple levels ahead of each area to make it easier on myself. Of course, in places like the Marshes and Crucible, level-padding doesn’t stand for much. πŸ™‚

    I’m actually looking forward to re-running Mires after reading your take on it. Mires was so miserable for me the first time as a 32 Exobio fresh off Incline that I actually got sick of it after running just a couple of missions and skipped it for Plateau. I came back at 34 and finished it out. I never experienced any of the lag issues everyone complained out until the very end when I had only Weapons Research to do. Lag wasn’t my problem. It was the constant swarming of Bane, and always being out-numbered 10:1. Just wasn’t soloable, so I moved on and was able to breeze through Plateau without any help.

    So, it’ll be nice to be able to cruise through the area without feeling like I’m constantly evading teaming throngs of needlessly aggro’d Thrax…

    And as far as overall toughness, I gotta pull rank on even myself here: I think some instances should *not* be soloable. MMORPGs are inherently social games and I think they should go beyond encouraging group effort and actually require it some in cases. The only thing that irks me is when John Q. Base Commander gives me a mission to go drop said baddie or gather said miscellaneous plot object and then sends me to an area that happens to be the Bane equivalent of Omaha Beach. I’m all for rough and tumble but when was the last time you’ve heard of a military operation that involved dropping one of your lowest ranking soldiers on the front lines of active enemy territory? Yeesh…

  4. sente
    February 22, 2008 at 20:50

    Last time I heard about such an operation was in Crucible I think, from the AWOLs πŸ™‚

    I have mixed feelings about content that requires teams. In a way I think the game should help to encourage teaming up and make the team experience more fun, but not enforce it. But I also want content from time to time that I cannot complete on my own.

    To some extent TR has that in place with the scaling of the instances, although it seems to vary how much effect different group sizes have on the instanced content.

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