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I miss the old Mires

February 1, 2008 4 comments

This is something I did not think I would say, but in a way I miss the old Torden Mires zone in Tabula Rasa.

I do not miss the lag which sometimes made the zone difficult or impossible to play with some characters. But I do miss the intensity and large amount of fighting going on in the zone, where just getting around could sometimes evolve into intense fights most of the way. When doing missions to kill or collect certain items from Bane mobs it seldom was a problem to find mobs.

After playing a bit in Mires with my sniper the zone feels quite empty in comparision to before the update. There are also more players to be seen, which causes a bit of trouble for some kill/collect missions due to competition for spawns.

I hope that it is that they just removed a bit too much and at some point will reintroduce more mobs into the zone again, while still keeping the lag at bay.

After playing a bit more today I must say that I agree with those that say that fights take longer than before – definitely more shots than before to take down mobs and so fights go on for longer time. Still fast-paced compared to other MMOGs, but if you have been used to the pace before the update it is noticeable.

I tried to go to the Logos research facility in Valverde Marshes with my exobiologist (38), but gave up pretty much at the start – I could not get past the first room. After many fights and deaths I gave up. This instance was new to me, so I do not know if this was the same before the update or if they have increased the difficulty. Something to get a team for later either way.

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