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Run Forrest run!

January 31, 2008

So finally has the new update of Tabula Rasa arrived and with that a number of goodies. With the new attribute changes both attribute points and skill/ability points had been reset and the first task when logging in to play a character is to start re-allocate those.

I started off with my exobiologist. The attribute point distribution became fairly even, although a bit more to body and spirit and a bit less for mind. The skills and abilities got some changes from the previous incarnation – I had put points in most exobiologist and a number of the biotech skills before, but this time the skill/ability choice got a bit narrower. I simply do not see much use for a number of the skills/abilities, so I left them out completely. The clone skill to clone ypurself temporarily is the only one that I have found reasonably useful, even though the clone is nowhere near the capacity of the original, even at the highest pump. It works more like distraction than a comparable fighter. The distraction can be quite useful at times though.

One of the new features of this update is the ability to get the helmet removed visually, while the armor and bonuses it may provide are still in effect. This is a global game setting, so either all of your character have their helmets off, or all have them on. I would have preferred an individual setting per character here, some of them look good without the helmet, some of them less so. Different armor sizes and types and the character sex affect what might be suitable looks for helmet on/off. But now there is at least the choice.

Another of these new features are the hybrid races – forean/human, brann/human and thrax/human. These need to be unlocked by completing a series of missions for each. Once unlocked they can be selected whenever a new character or a clone is made and it does not matter which character you clone. The reward for completing the mission arc is also a clone credit.

My guess is that each of these 3 mission arcs can only be done once per account, but I have not checked that. If every character can do them it will be a good way to get some extra clones for each character.


I took my exobiologist to the task to complete the first one of them, to unlock the forean/human hybrids. This mission arc can be started from level 15 and from a forean in Thoria Das. The mission arc will lead to a search for some important forean material regarding their old home world and the confrontation of a traitor dealing with the Bane regarding this material.

The mission arc leads to some areas in Divide as well as to the 3 instances Minos Caverns, Torcastra Prison and the Timora Mines. While each of the tasks in these instances can be completed fairly early into each instance, it will probably still pose some difficulty at level 15ish, unless going with a team.

The end of mission arc provides a choice of action. I did not regret my choice there, it felt like a pretty easy choice for me also.

Witht he mission arc completed the opportunity to create new character was in place. I already have 8 characters, one for each tier 4 profession, so I initally started my hybrid as a recruit, starting from scratch and named him Forrest. After a few levels I changed my thing and got back and looked at my existing and decided to recreate Forrest again through cloing one of them.

After some consideration I decided to clone my grenadier. Forean/human hybrids have a boost to mind and less of body. Getting the potential damage bonus from all logos direct damage attacks through mind was an intersting prospect. The lower body setting might work out reasonably well with the graviton armor with has quite good protection. Grenadiers are also reasonably offensive roles, which may make a lot of body less important than guardian, whos is a bit closer to a defensive and/or tank role.

Making a hybrid pretty much just provide some different options for character faces compared and not that many either (at least for foean/human hybrid). After a little while though, Forrest re-appeared as a grenadier.

Forrest Sente, Grenadier

Then I sent out Forrest to run some missions in Valverde Plateau. I have already done all missions there at least twice, so there was so so much new, except trying out the grenadier role. After running some missions I took Forrest to some control points for a bit more intense fighting and also see how the health changes would play out.


It worked out pretty good, although the control point fights did not last as long as I would have liked. Perhaps a bit too many players in the area.

I also spent a bit with my exobiologist in the Crucible zone. It has a good setting and the music in that zone is really good and fits in well. It was good fun to start the missions there and the zone itself has some neat fetures. But all of that is something for another blog article…

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