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Anachy Online graphics update

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Anarchy Online was my first MMOG and for that it has always been a bit special for me. From time to time I get back into the game, if only for a short period of time.

About half a year ago I saw the game engine update mentioned for the first time, which at that time just sounded that they would take better advantage of the newer graphics cards to offload some of the work that the CPU(s) had to do in the game today – but I did not really expect any real changes to the graphics itself.

Funcom has released a teaser video of the new engine and this actually looks better than I hoped for. There were some old familiar environments shown in that video in a new light and that looks promising. No characters were shown, but hopefully those will get a similar update. The new engine release seems to be planned for late 2008.

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Virginworlds 100

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The Virginworlds podcast has reached a big milestone now, with show #100 being released. I am a big fan of the podcast and the web site in general. Brent provides some quite enjoyable podcasts on a wide variety of what may be included in “the MMORPG genre” and has a nice list of related news items. And all that with a clean web site design which makes it easy to read and browse.

The first time I learned about the web site was in the EQ2 Daily forums, as a I recall when Brent “The prognosticator” had made some reviews of a couple of different podcasts – my memory is a bit fuzzy here though. After that I started to visit the web site and also picked up the podcasts when they started, although I did not become a regular listener until sometime in their late 20s I believe.

I have only listened to a bit more than 1 hour of this 3 hour show at the time of writing, I like it so far. And people looked at me strangly on the underground when laughing and smiling at the montage – can’t have that…;)

I am sure the rest of the show will be great as well, so do pick it up and listen to it!

Tabula Rasa 1.4 is live

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Today release 1.4.6 of Tabula Rasa went live. With close to 50 days since the previous update, this one is the longest one that players have been waiting for. Judging by the content it may also be the largest update so far.

The patch notes can be found here.

I played a couple of hours on the test server. Since I did not have any existing character so start with (please implement character copy a la CoH/CoV) I have only experienced it for roughly the first 10 levels in Wilderness with one character. Overall I liked what I saw there and some good things that are not mentioned in the patch notes (like multiple instances of escort missions!). There are bug fwhich I have been hoping for fixes that I have not seen mentioned as fixed nor as known issues – remains to be seen what has been done there.

Now is the time ro really try out the update and see how that affects gameplay, since I have one character of each of the 8 professions.

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