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Blackstar & beyond

January 20, 2008

Recently SpaceTime Studios released some information about their current MMOG project, Blackstar. A few bits and pieces and some concept art, I must say that I like it. The ambition to provide a SciFi universe with space combat, exploration in both space and on the ground and with a touch of mysticism and magic is a bold one. Can it work? I hope so and I hope that the storyline will take a front seat like it had in Earth & Beyond.

In fact, reading the description got me thinking about Earth & Beyond and some nostalgia kicked in for a bit (of course only after the happily tinted glasses were put on to filter out the bad parts of the game..) and I would really like to play a game along those lines.

The info about the project was released a couple of days after the less joyful announement that NCSoft had cancelled their publishing agreement with Spacetime Studios for Blackstar. Would they have started to put out info about the project if that had not happened? Is it perhaps one attempt to raise awareness and interest about Blackstar, to cast a wider net searching for a new publisher? If it is, I do hope they have success with that attempt.

When I played Earth & Beyond long ago there was another SciFI space MMOG released which I tried for a bit right after release – EVE Online. At that time, I left EVE after a rather short time and went back to E&B. Despite many of its flaws and some which were handled better in EVE, Earth & Beyond was still the more fun game for me. However, the game that is around today is EVE and E&B was cancelled years ago.

I might be reading to much in the info about Blackstar, but it does seem to go in an interesting direction and a space-based MMOG with some decent storylines would be a welcome addition.

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