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Villains in Grandville Farm

January 15, 2008

This weekend I got my second highest dominator up to level 45. Normally I do not care that much for levels, but 45 is one of those levels that opens up more contacts and missions. While I still did have some contacts that could provide missions the supply was limited; far from all were soloable for me. With only up to 3 possible selected missions at any point in time I did not want to end up with 3 mission I could not complete myself in case I had to play solo.

There is always the option to drop and complete a mission in those case, but which can only be used once every 7 days. Luckily, I did not always play solo – team play is when CoV/CoH is at its best. And progression can also be so much faster in team play. The game has sort of a presuasive argument approach to grouping – no force, but you are just better off grouping and you know it…;)

In one of the teams I played I noticed something that I had not encountered in a team before in this game – people repeatedly going through the same mobs over and over just to collect some specific loot drops. I have no interest whatsoever in collecting rare loot, so the practice is not something I find remotely interesting – follow the storyline is more my motto.

I don’t think it will become as common as I experienced it in some other games, or at least I hope so. But perhaps I should add a “no farming” entry to my search text if this increases. If the practice makes the game fun for others then it is great, but I will skip that.

In the 2008 State of the Game announcement that was made a few days ago there were some interesting notes about the future. One was that they will be smoothing the leveling curve, which I think is a great thing. In my own experience and what I have observed with others is that around level 30 (+- a few levels) lots of characters stop in progression. Of all my villains only two have so far made it past the 30s; two dominators which is an archetype which I love to play. I might get more dominators past that limit, but probably not the rest in the current state. Making it more smooth could help here though, so I am glad they are doing something about it.

They are also planning to show the real numbers behind the various powers and buffs/debuffs. It seems to be optional, which is good. I like the bit of vagueness that the interface has today, but sometimes some actual numbers might be handy and for those that are really into optimizing their characters this is good news that they will have official numbers to work from.

If they stick to their usual content update schedule we should also see soon what issue #12 will bring – I have a few wishes for the future and so far it seems at least one of them (the smoothie above) will come true.

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