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I spy a Plateau and some Pools

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Another character of mine, the Ranger Dino, reach level 30 and thus the final profession selection. As a ranger the choice was to specialize to become a Spy or become a Sniper – both a bit stealthy and sneaky professions, but still quite different.

The Spy’s primary weapon are the blades, sort of modern swords which exist of various types and thus also do various types of damage. The Blade skill of the spy also allows for much increased damage of the strike is from behind, up to 3 times as much a frontal attack. Other skills includes polymorphing into a Thrax temporaily, causing an enemy to be considered a traitor by his peers, weakening defenses of certain types of attacks and temprarily blind a group of enemies.

The first time I saw a spy in action was when I was in a group visiting the Kardash Atta colony instance. A bit low for his level, but I can understand why people postpone the Atta colony instances in Torden – they are probably quite low on the popularity list. Anyway, he used a Photonic Blade (laser damage) to good effect on the Atta and my reaction when I first saw that was – it is a Jedi sword! Perhaps not quite the honourable weapon from the Star Wars universe, but close enough, including the sound. That added one reason to me to get my ranger to become a spy eventually.

A few days ago my ranger visited Torden Mires for the first time at 29 and contrary to normal, the zone was actually playable and almost no lag at all. A few missions and some fights outside the outposts brought him quite close to level 30. Time to clone and after that he visited Valverde Plateau for some final XP through some easy missions there. Trained to spy, updated armor and picked up some blades saved in footlocker that my exobiologist had put there. That included a photonic blade, of course.

After fight at Retread Outpost

After some playing with the spy for a bit in Plateau and moving on to start a bit in Valverde Pools, I must say I do like him. Some fights are much easier than with my exobiologist, but others are tougher and I actually died quite a bit to the Maligo Elite Guards in Plateau at first. I have picked up some other blades (filament, cryogenic and incendiary) and the incendiary one is quite nice in particular. After a while I realized that just because I have blades that do good damage I still have other weapons that are quite useful also, in particular at range, since the blades are oure melee weapons. Combining the weapon usage better abd taking good advantage of the blind debuffing abilities decreased the death rate, although I still think my exobiologist is a better survivor.

I did play a bit with my other character, which was cloned and created as a Sniper. The sniper’s high damamge weapon is the Torqueshell Gun, which can do quite a lot of damage at far range (I could 1-shot Kaels, for example) but requires a couple of seconds between each shot. The gun is thus suitable to eliminate or weaken the nastier enemies in a group, but after that the more regular weapons need to be used. Which I think is just fine, quite in line with what I think a sniper should be. The sniper also have some abilities to increase damage for a while, for example. This is useful for all weapons, not used the Torqueshell Guns. While I did not play the sniper that much yet, I liked it and will definitely play some more later.

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