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Dedication in 2008 – Atriarch

January 6, 2008 Comments off

In a number of places there are lists with predictions for MMOGs in 2008, some serious others less so. This includes predications about games that are delayed, cancelled, all sorts of announcements of new titles etc.

This got me thinking about a development project that is quite far away from all this big time news – Atriarch. This is a project that I hope make some significant progress in 2008.

When I first started playing MMOGs with Anarchy Online, one of the games I read about that was in development was Atriarch. A sandbox style game in an alien organic world, with a number of interesting ideas. This year is the 10th anniversary of the development effort if I am informed correct and development is still ongoing to the best of my knowledge. I admire the dedication here and I hope the people at World Fusion will get significantly closer this year to the goal of having a game that is ready enough for release.

The years playing MMOGs have changed my perspective a bit on what I think is good/cool/interesting to have in a game and it will be interesting to see what this game ends up as when it gets ready for release. The game concept was original when I first looked at it and a number of original ideas still today.

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