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Cryptic Studios closes down forums and blog

December 9, 2007 4 comments

Cryptic Studios recently announced that they are closing down their forums and blog. The reason for this is being that they want to make sure they present the projects work on in the best way.

I have read their blog and I popped in and read some in the forums every now and then. The blog did for the most part not contain any game specifics, but was more of a window to the work place community at Cryptic. There was not really anything there to affect any presentation of a future game. The forums was another matter though and with only one announced title besides the exisiting City of Heroes/Villains, a number of discussion threads were related to Marvel Universe Online.

Is it just a matter of people not having time anymore to write in the blog or read and comment in the forums, or is it part of some damage control regarding the Marvel Universe Online rumors? Or just to make sure no-one accidentally gives away too much information on the projects they are workign with in general?

I think it is probably a combination of all of that and perhaps originating from some other pertner they are working with? The Cryptic people did not strike me as a group that would have control issues and at least the blog was not really about gaming so much.

The announcement indicates that there is something that is targeted for 2008 and other projects for later years. If there is anything next year that is probably Marvel Universe Online, or they have been good in hiding .