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Stalking in the City

December 3, 2007

A couple of days ago Issue 11 for City of Heroes/Villains was released, as I mentioned in a previous blog entry. Among the new features introduced was two new powersets, dual blades and willpower. Being an altoholic, I must of course create a new alt to try out the new powersets. I decided to create a stalker – I am mainly a villain archetype player and multiple swords seemed fitting for an assassin type character.

So I created The Gaupa (lynx in Icelandic), a dark hooded evil-doer, ready to slice and dice.
The Gaupa

While basically every other powerset has some secondary effect on mobs (fire has added DoT, ice slows speed and recharge, dark lowers accuracy etc), dual blades is slightly different. Its secondary effects are not implicit, but rather created through combinations of powers and successful combinations unleashes various added effects. A combination is typically the usage of three powers as far as I have seen – a starter, something in the middle and a finisher. A power may valid for multiple types of combinations.
The Gaupa is currently level 13 and with his power selection currently has one valid combination effect – Sweep, which causes added damage to multiple enemies in a cone shape, as well as knocks them down.
So far it looks like a fun powerset.

Willpower seems to be a good mixture of various defense, damage reduction and healing capabilities, as well as various resistances, notably including psionic and toxic damage.

During the weekend I also got the Unwavering badge, which means that I have played the game for 18 months now. With that comes some additional veteran rewards, which included new costume pieces for Samurai armor. These I had to try out also and decided that my older stalker, Tachibot, my sword wielding Japanese killer robot.
Since weapon customization was also a feature of Issue 11, I could also do some modifications to the sword he was using. However, there was no tachi choice and I neded up with a katana fairly similar to the original one. The samurai armor though added a quite different look
Tachibot Samurai style
It is good to get a distinctly different look on a character, wardrobe needs to be changed once in a while abd keeping a couple of different costumes adds a bit positive to the game experience. I have another sword wielder on the hero side, he will possibly get a makeover later as well – at the very least his weapon (broadsword powerset).

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