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More City thoughts

November 11, 2007

Since the announcement that NCSoft aquired all of the City of Heroes franchise (they owned part of it before) the company sent out an email to all subsribers informing about the change. This also included some promised “gifts” to the subscribers, debt wipe, added prestige to supergroups and that anyone who bought only CoH or CoV will now get the other side as well for free.

There has also been interviews with Brian Clayton, executive producer for City of Heroes/Villains at NCSoft at Warcry and Stratics where he ensures there is a bright future for the game. Pretty much everyone that worked on the game at Cryptic has moved over to NCSoft to continue to work on the game and NCSoft is hiring more people as well. Given that Brian Clayton said that they plan to double or perhaps even triple the staff for City of Heroes, my guess from the number of job positions offered that they are about 20 people currently.

In the European City of Heroes/Villains forums the reactions have been almost all positive to this change of ownership, both for removing a potential comflict of interest and that NCSoft seems to put more resources into it than what perhaps Cryptic has managed to do.

There are some speculation that there might be a City of Heroes 2 in the works. While NCSoft certainly is no stranger to sequel games with Guild Wars 2 and Lineage 3 coming in the future, a sequel superhero game is probably not what they have in mind.

Looking at the list of job offers and their prerequisites, it looks more that they are ramping upp content development and perhaps some general infrastructure/tool improvement and code maintenance, not building an entirely new game. More content and story, perhaps speeding up development of some features that got lower priority and left out during the Cryptic day, as well as fixing some bugs that has been in the game for a long time.

New zones, new archetypes, powersets and villain groups are things that I think will be more likely. Perhaps the ability to play characters in some of the villain groups (City of Rikti, City of Thorns)? Either way, it is promising that that they put more resources into developing the game content and are keeping pretty much all of the old staff.

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