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Cryptic Studios sells City of Heroes/Villains

November 6, 2007 2 comments

Today it was announced that Cryptic Studios is selling their City of Heroes/Villains franchise to NCSoft, see here and here. It seems basically everyone in the live team that was working on the game at Cryptic has been offered job at NCSoft – it remains to be seen how many of them will make the transfer.

Cryptic says they were doing this to free up resources for the new games that are under development. But if the whole live team has been offered jobs, who do they expect make available for other projects? NCSoft is the publisher, handles billing and hosts the servers and provides the customer support already. Perhaps testers and quality assurance people, if Cryptic’s definition of live team do not include them.

Perhaps the agreement they had with NCSoft put in some restrictions on what they could develop outside of City of Heroes/Villains also? They do talk about creative freedom and perhaps they are working on titles that would compete against other NCSoft titles? The picturs shown under their in development section may provide some guesses on themes, but not much more. Or the do not want to depend too much on NCSoft and money from them

Selling their intelletual property to NCSoft will also provide some more money to Cryptic for their other titles and is probably also a significant factor.

I have mixed feelings about this move – I think it is great if it allows Cryptic to do better work, but also a bit concerned for how this will affect City of Heroes/Villains in the long run. They could probably do a lot worse than selling it to NCSoft though.

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