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Eochai and Jack

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Two of the popular visitors to Paragon City and the Rogue Isles during Halloween are Eochai and Jack-in-Irons. Eochai is part of the Fir Bolg, a villain group that appears in the zone Croatoa in the game, fighting the Tuatha de Dannan. These groups have their origin in Irish mythology, where Eochaid mac Eirc was the ruler of the race Fir Bolg who fought the Tuatha Dé Danann.

In the game though, Eochai is a big pumpkin head on drugs, a Giant Monster, who roams the zones outside Croatoa during Halloween time. One can find Eochai in pretty much any zone during this time of the year and since he is rather big, not too difficult to spot.

A good pastime during this time of the year is thus to convince Eochai to stay off the pumpkins, which as an addict he usually have some objections to and may quite often put his foot down and just say NO!.

Eochai sets down his foot

With some good arguments though he can be convinced and in immense gratitude of the effort the friendly heroes and villains put in to help him, he usually drops down on the ground in sheer relief.

Eochai drops down

Most of the time the efforts are if not fruitless, then fairly shortlived – looking around in the neighborhood one will usually find Eochai in some other spot, high on pumpkins. And the work has to start all over again – but fear not, but November 4th Eochai will finally be convinced on the error of his ways and will be off the streets.

Any time someone makes aconvincing argument with Eochai, there is an about 10% chance that Jack-in-Irons will appear. Jack has his origins from English Folklore where he was a ghostly giant haunting the roads around Yorkshire and scaring people – quite fitting for Halloween work.

Jack thinks he is pretty cool because he wears chains, plus he carries a big spiked club which he likes to hit people with.

Jack goes clubbing

What can be a bit disturbing at times is when Jack shows off the skulls of his victims in his non-club hand, which is meant to put terror in people around him. This he can be pretty good at when he gets in the mood, which may cause heroes and villains to falter a bit in their efforts to keep Jack off the roads.

Look what I got

In such dark times it is nice to see community efforts where lots of people unfamiliar with each other all do their part to keep the crime and bad guys on the street to just be the regular neighborhood gangs.

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